Engaging Communities

Engaging communities: the psychology of collectives and supporting activism for a united Europe(MT-2013-610-003). For more information please follow the links below:

NEW 01/07/13-05/07/13

a short course organised by Integra Foundation (Malta), in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) (UK)

Apply for a Grundtvig grant (adult education) to participate in the training “Engaging communities: the psychology of collectives and supporting activism for a united Europe– in Malta

Participants will come together to share their own experiences and engage in constructive dialogue. It is hoped that the knowledge and ideas generated in this course will feed back into genuine EU level movements for change supporting the development of more inclusive communities. Come and join us on the island of Malta in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to discuss and work together.

Guest speakers include Dr. Rebecca Lawthom (Manchester Metropolitan University)

For more information:

Engaging Communities poster

Engaging Communities Venue Accomodation

Communities Registration Form

Eligibility criteria
– Any adult interested in lifelong learning opportunities, or who is working in the sphere of adult education e.g. civil society, policy makers, voluntary groups etc.
– A national of any EU country, or of Lifelong Learning Program participating countries- Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein.

If you would like to participate, please download the Registration form and return by email to integrafoundation@gmail.com

We will then advise you on the simple process to apply for the grant

Deadline for applications:16th January 2013!

Should you have any questions on the grant application or the course, please feel free to contact Maria Pisani E-mail: integrafoundation@gmail.com